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Located in the Four Corners area where Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona meet, Morning Glory Farm and Wellness Center is on 8 acres of land, just two miles north of Cortez.   The elevation here in Cortez is about 6000 feet, and it is important to adjust your plans accordingly and to drink lots of water as it is quite dry here.

 Part of the property has pasture and a pond with a resident blue heron couple, a bald eagle, muskrats and plenty of "drive by" deer.   This area used to have underground springs and was known as Peaceful Springs.   It was believed that a small band of Indians came here to relax and restore themselves after harsh winters. The geography and climate change dramatically as you travel from state to state, and at times even across town.

Another part of the property focuses on ancestral equine housing, covered and open arenas along with seldom used stalls and runs, and often used hay and run in shelters.

 We are able to ride in the cool mountains in summer and in canyon country in the winter.   Cliff dwellings and archaeological remains left by the Ancient Pueblan peoples abound   and are part of the living landscape.  The entrance to Mesa Verde National Park is only 10 miles from here.  Hovenweep, Lowry Ruins, the Anasazi Heritage Center offer different glimpses into life as it was long ago.  The Dolores River Canyon is breathtaking, as well as other lesser known local sites.

Perhaps my favorite part of the property centers around the very old Navajo willow that is guardian of the energy of the area.  She supports a tree house in her branches that is known as the Crystal Loft.  I like to believe that there are tree spirits there who calm and clear energy if you ask. 

Visible from the tree house is a sandstone patio, adobe privacy walls, and chakra colored gardens, hammock and hot tub for meditating and relaxing.  Property vistas include Sleeping Ute Mountain, Mesa Verde mesa, the LaPlata mountains, and other mountain ranges in Utah and Colorado.


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