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Nabahe NABAHE    The Morning Glory Herd began with Nabahe Bi Hozhoni  " The Happy Warrior".   Ten days after Nabahe came to me, I lost my father.   Caring for this mare- or rather, this mare caring for me -pulled me through this family tragedy and opened me to the world of therapeutic riding and equine assisted therapies.
Nabahe was with me for 13 years.  She remained the leader of my herd, but moved from the alpha to the passive leader.   A younger horse became food boss, but Nabahe was always the trail boss and the one to whom they all looked for her wise leadership, our touchstone.
Nabahe chose the time of her passing.   At the time of her death, there was an unusual alignment of eight planets that provided a window for her crossing.  I continue to sense her presence and believe that she continues to help me offer horse programs for healing humans and restoring balance to the earth.
She has helped me select more recent members of the herd, and communicates clearly with me when I am still enough to listen to her.  I dedicate my work to her memory and inspiration.

MagnumMAGNUM    Magnum is Nabahe's son.  He was born on Father's Day, June 17, 1995 as a bay with a white star on his forehead. Over time, he has grown to resemble his father, an Andalusian/ Quarter Horse cross.  He is a handsome fellow, very calm, very good at teaching boundaries, untying knots and opening gates   He  had an injury to one of his hocks and often favors his back leg.  Several months after his mother died, Magnum  became quite ill.  He could not walk and appeared to have "tied up".  For most of three winter months he lay down -when he ate, when he drank, when he went to the bathroom .  It was extrememly painful for him to get  up.  He was finally diagnosed with equine polysaccharide storage myopathy- which meant  that he could  not process many carbohydrates. So his diet changed to minimal hay, hydrated beet pulp, pelleted rice bran, sunflower seeds and oil. As a result of his illness he gets lots of energy work, including crainial sacral and Reiki and being sung to.  I can't help but wonder if his illness wasn't related to the loss of his mother - when the sweetness left his life.  He is doing very well now, and seems able to tolerate a more normal diet, although he still loves his special food.

MerlinMERLIN   Merlin is a 14 year old Paso Fino gelding.  He is extremely sensitive and responsive to cues- even the ones you donít know you have given.  He is truly a magician.  He tends to fret and be very bossy about food.  Merlin  had a very bad injury as a two year old.    I had been gone about 2 hours and when I returned home I saw Merlin with Magnum by his side and red everywhere on the snow.  When I realized that it was blood, I called the vet.  A neighbor helped me push and drag Merlin (now clearly in shock) into a stall. He had broken three ribs and one lung was wrapped around  the ribs.  He had a C shaped wound on  his barrel about 12 inches from front to back. The vet, Kit Schmidt did his magic- put his lung back inside his body,  sewed and stapled him back together, gave him antibiotics and really good pain killers, and then Merlin was ready to eat and drink.  Many were involved in his long recovery and wound care.  Merlin and I will always be grateful to Lynn Howarth, Jodi Harris, and Keith and Sandy Tucker  for their help.  We did not know then if Merlin would ever be rideable, but he is a terrific trail horse and loves to please.  He certainly has earned his name, Morning Glory's Merlin.

DominguezDOMINGUEZ CABAL   Dominguez is a 22 year old Paso Fino, the smallest of my horses, but with the most heart and energy.  He, too, is very sensitive and can be ridden with your breath and thoughts.

BlossomJ. J. BLOSSOM (Jubilee Joy)
Blossom is my 9 year old donkey-- very smart, very vocal, and an extraordinary energy worker.  Very gentle, she takes  her role as donkey archetype very seriously and enjoys leading the  Palm Sunday processional and participating in the annual Nativity pageant.

Nabahe sent Black Magic Woman to me.  After Nabahe's death, I deeply missed having mare energy around.  This horse was being boarded at a neighbor's and was  alone.  She was very aloof, frightened of people, and avoided being caught like the plague.   Earning her trust has taught me so much about myself.  She likes harp music and is very energy sensitive.

Little Big Man is a 20 year old 1⁄2 Halflinger, 1⁄2 Percheron gelding- a draft pony who just returned to my care after being away for six years. It is true that the best things come in small packages.

Foxy is a 12 year old   -N mare thought to be part quarter horse and part Morgan.  She was given to me when her owner could no longer keep her.

"Glo", short for Morning Glory, is just 2 and 1/2, born May 2006, 1/2
Missouri Fox Trotter and 1/2 Arab/Quarter Horse. Glo was weaned too early and like many of us, became sour on life. I gave her to a good trainer, hoping to help her, but she injured herself in pasture. She came back to me when her vet bills became too much. The vet said that her only chance to heal would require two surgeries, casting, and stall confinement for about 3 months with a 10-20% chance of success. Not very good odds. However, she has done beautifully. She tolerated it all and seemed to really appreciate the TLC she received. The vet was very surprised and pleased at how well she healed.  She is back with her herd now and finding her place. She does have a visible scar and an enlarged fetlock joint, but no lameness, and no more bad manners thanks to the help of the herd. 


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